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About Us

About US

Essex Remaps are an approved Viezu dealer and we specialise in custom re-mapping/ECU chip tuning of most modern ECUs as found in vehicles since the mid 80’s, and we aim to provide you with the very best remap results every time. Whether you want a remap for the purpose of performance, economy or a good balance of two we can help. We are based in Chelmsford – the county town of Essex and we serve the whole of Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Bedfordshire, Cambridge, Hertfordshire, Kent & East London. No matter where you are located we can help with your remap requirements with Viezu’s network of approved dealers.

Although we looked long and hard for a tuning partner, there was really only ever one that we wanted to partner with, and that was Viezu Technologies.

We have the very latest in engine tuning technology allowing us to provide you with a re-map to the requirements you want. Some vehicles can achieve a gain in power by as much as 45% & up to 20% more mpg can be achieved through remapping. Our custom written remaps will provide you with the best engine tuning solution available. They are designed to suit all your needs whilst maintaining a competitive price.

Essex Remaps are one of the UK’s leading mobile tuning companies and as such we can cater for all your remapping needs such as 4×4 off road, Fast road, touring, motorhomes, Track days, Towing, Increased fuel economy for both privately owned or company vehicles. Our ECU remaps also improve drivability for everyday use, We cover all of Essex and surrounding counties.

We can tune most makes of vehicles produced from 2000 onward via the vehicles OBD socket (diagnostic port). We can also remap newer vehicles that are not able to be remapped via the OBD port, these types of ECU can be found in some Jaguar, Land Rover, VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, Renaults and BMW etc. Giving you fantastic gains in power and economy for both petrol and diesel vehicles.

Engine Performance Tuning

A performance tune is for drivers who want their vehicle to live up to its full potential and for those drivers who want to enhance their driving pleasure. At Essex-Remaps we pride ourselves on the  cutting edge research and development available to us, as this enables us to provide our customers with market-leading ECU remapping software for a performance tune which will make your car more pleasurable to drive, give you safer overtaking whilst also increasing acceleration, bhp and the torque that your engine is capable of providing by upto 35%.

Essex-Remaps understand the importance of reliable, quality ECU remapping.

All of our engine tuning software is developed in-house and custom-written for your vehicle. Our ECU remap files use data from Viezu’s Dynocom 3000bhp FWD rolling road combined with Bosch emissions testing equipment, all of which provides our customers with industry leading, insurance backed remaps from the only ISO 9001 accredited remapping company in the UK.  Regardless of whether your vehicle is petrol or diesel, or if it’s turbo-charged, supercharged or normally aspirated, we can optimise the maps held within your vehicle’s ECU to produce the perfect balance of smoother torque curve, enhanced bhp, a better throttle response and a smoother, more progressive power delivery, whilst not exceeding the safe parameters of the engine.

We know that vehicle owners are deferent, some will leave the vehicle stock just as it comes from the factory while others will add tuning items to try an d gain as much performance as possible from the car, adding these bolt-on items (performance air filters, high flow exhausts, bigger intercoolers etc) is great but you may not be gaining the maximum benefit without a remap, for example, adding  a performance air filter changes the amount of air flowing through the engine, which can also  change the air to fuel ratio. With an ECU remap, we will take your modifications into account, to gain the optimum benefits.

In general fuel economy will remain unaffected when remapped by Essex-Remaps, and, (depending on how you drive,) the improved atomisation of fuel, combined with increased airflow creates a more thermally efficient combustion – which can improve fuel economy.

  • Increased power & torque
  • Smoother torque curve
  • Increased acceleration
  • Sharper throttle response
  • Reduced turbo lag
  • Widened power band
  • Maximised, safer levels of horsepower
  • Improved towing ability

You can expect your vehicle to be more powerful – it will feel faster, smoother and feel much more responsive, making your vehicle more pleasurable to drive.

All Essex-Remaps vehicle ecu remapping software comes with a full money-back guarantee and fully underwritten insurance, allowing our customers to experience the benefits of performance or economy engine tuning with complete confidence.

Economy Tuning

The Very Best in Economy Tuning

Save fuel and money with Essex-Remaps BlueOptimize™ economy tuning services, available for most production cars, 4×4’s, motorhomes and vans.

The cost of fuel has been a bone of contention with most motorists for years now and it’s something that affects anyone who drives. Vehicle owners, from one car families to fleet operators have been looking for ways to reduce their motoring costs. Most car manufacturers now offer ultra-economical models, from Audi’s stop-start models to VW’s BlueMotion and Mercedes Blue Efficiency, all of which are a step in the right direction, but they still don’t offer better MPG.

– it seems blue has become the new green.

An Essex-Remaps BlueOptimize™ economy ecu tune delivers an improvement in mpg which, dependent on your driving style, can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% whilst also reducing your carbon footprint, CO2 emissions, Smoke and HydroCarbon production.

Our technical department (Viezu) have developed this specific ECU mapping which, alongside reductions in fuel costs, provides an improved, sharper throttle response, improvements in bhp and torque and a smoother power delivery.

A common misconception is that you can’t improve the power of a vehicle and improve its economy but with years of research and development, we can and regularly do – Essex-Remaps have worked with many commercial drivers, fleet operators, private businesses and individuals to improve the mpg of their vehicles.

Benefits from a BlueOptimize™ ecu tune

  • Improved, low down torque
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Sharpened throttle response
  • Reduced turbo lag
  • Widened power band
  • Improved MPG and a noticeable stronger feel in the drive of your vehicle BlueOptimize™ is the latest and absolute pinnacle of environmentally aware tuning – We monitor all effects of tuning to make sure we are tuning without detriment to the environment. In recent tests on Diesel vehicles ( which are metered by the Opacity Smoke test at MOT time ) we have seen the following results post tuning.

Petrol vehicles can also have emissions reduced, although tested differently to diesels, petrol vehicles are tested for CO2 emissions at idle and fast idle and also for HydroCarbon emissions.

One example of reducing petrol emissions was performed on a Ferrari 458 which see results of HC emissions being reduced by a very impressive 85%

Viezu have a vast wealth of tuning knowledge and experience that shows in all of their award winning tuning software and insurance underwritten tuning files. With Viezu supplying our tuning files we feel confident that we are giving our customers the very best ECU tuning options available on the market for their vehicle. Together, Essex-Remaps and Viezu can supply custom tuning files to our customers optimised economy and enhanced performance coupled with a professional & friendly service. Viezu’s BlueOptimize™ economy tuning software has been recognised by the Chamber of Commerce winning the regional award for Innovation through Technology.

Along with your remap we can also offer optional performance air filters from the likes of ITG, BMC, Piper cross & K&N.

We can also a supply you with a handheld tuning unit which gives you the freedom to have three different tuning options. For example you could choose to have an economy file, a performance file and a copy of the original ecu file. We can supply these to you whether or not you are in the UK or abroad.

With an ever increasing range of vehicles that we can remap we feel confident that we can tune whatever vehicle you drive, from cars to 4×4’s, vans to HGV’s, motorhomes to  coaches. We can also tune some motorbikes.

Call or email us for further information or if your vehicle doesn’t appear on the list

Essex Remap cover the following areas (and more):
Abberton Abridge Basildon Billericay Braintree Brentwood Castle Point Chelmsford Clacton-on-Sea Colchester Dagenham Epping Forest Grays
Great Oakley Halstead Harlow Harwich Hutton Langham Maldon Manningtree
Oakwood Park Pale Green Quendon Rochford Saffron Walden Southend-on-Sea
Tendring Thurrock Uttlesford Waltham Abbey Walton-on-the-Naze Witham
Bedford, Cambridge, Hertfordshire, Kent, North London, Middx and Suffolk

Treat Your Vehicle to Optimised MPG, Enhanced Performance, Improved power Delivery and Lower Emissions