ECU Tuning

ECU Tuning

If you are looking to tune your diesel vehicle whilst still keeping the vehicles safety and durability functions for the engine/transmission/ABS/ESP intact, the best way to tune a diesel vehicle is to make changes in the existing control system of the engine (ECU). That is exactly what we offer with an Essex Remap. Our tuning process has total control over all engine parameters at any moment while leaving all safety functions intact.
The benefits of one of our remaps, apart from an obvious power, torque and fuel economy benefits, your vehicle will also benefit from the following advantages.

  • It takes us just an hour to install the remap on your vehicle, normally without lifting the bonnet
  • There are no tuning boxes or other devices attached to your vehicle.
  • The increase in Torque that your vehicle has will come in smoothly.
  • Torque is limited in lower gears to prevent the possibility of damage to the transmission
  • Boost pressure and air flow are both optimised
  • We can upload the cars original map if required.
  • Unlike Tuning boxes, our remaps will leave your vehicles on-board computer showing the correct fuel consumption
  • Your vehicles Electronic Stability Control system is fully retained
  • Torque reduction when shifting gear (for comfort and durability) is retained
  • If your vehicle has a DPF fitted the Regeneration cycle (cleaning out) is fully retained.
  • No enlarged NOx, HC, CO, CO2, Soot emissions compared with original when going for MOT and servicing
  • Calculation of exhaust temperature & service interval is retained

Engine “chipping” came about after the introduction of the ECU in the mid 80’s, and most sports cars back then such as the Ford Sierra Cosworth, Ford Escort Turbo, Vauxhall Astra GTE were all equipped with an ECU. Since the early 1990s, most engines have been controlled by a similar on-board computer or ECU (engine control unit), which amongst other functions, computes such things as the ignition timing, boost pressure and fuelling for all given engine loads and speeds. An ECU remap lets us make changes to the vehicles original “map” (set of instructions) that change the way the engine is controlled – the result of an engine remap gives you a much more engaging drive.

We are a Viezu dealer, and as such we use Viezu’s industry leading experience to develop a unique ECU remap for each vehicle. TDi engine tuning is different from an ST, RS or VXR remap. A turbo diesel remap for one car will be different from another turbo diesel. And ECU remaps for petrol engines will be different again.

Viezu Technologies have invested extensively in class leading development and testing to develop a remap file with optimised settings for your make and model of vehicle, while ensuring that each remap is as individual as the software inside your ECU, safely eliminating those any performance compromises.

We always test your vehicle before handing it back for you, all part of the service to make sure everything is operating as it should be.


Treat Your Vehicle to Optimised MPG, Enhanced Performance, Improved power Delivery and Lower Emissions