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Torquing About BHP Figures

Torquing About BHP Figures

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Torquing About BHP Figures

One thing that experience has taught us is that the inflated BHP and Torque gains as quoted by some remapping companies are not the most important thing to look at when it comes to vehicle tuning. The real differences you’ll feel when you drive your vehicle after a quality tune are what matter the most, such as how the new tune gives you improved driveability, better throttle response and optimised power delivery have been designed in your new Enhanced Performance or Optimised MPG tuning map. A generic or incorrectly designed map may not perform to your expectations even though the quoted BHP & Torque figures look attractive.

As an approved Viezu dealer our ECU tuning benefits from Viezu’s vast experience, R&D, ISO: 9001 accreditation and a Queen’s Award for Innovation in recognition of the their in-house designed fuel-saving and emissions-cutting software known as BlueOptimize which took over two years of development time. BlueOptimize is claimed to be the only vehicle tuning product focused solely on reducing fuel consumption and emissions and is now used by BT’s fleet operators thanks to the improved fuel efficiency of its vans. BT is now saving £4million a year in diesel costs and estimates that the reduction in its carbon footprint is equivalent to taking 5,000 London cabs off the road.

As an authorised Viezu dealer, Essex-Remaps benefits from Viezu’s dedication to ECU Mapping, chip tuning and their dealer network of over 500 professional ECU remapping dealerships across the world in over 57 countries and are one of the only truly global ECU mapping and economy remap providers.

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Citroen C4 Picasso ECU Tuning

Citroen C4 Picasso ECU Tuning

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Citroen C4 Picasso ECU Tuning

Citroens C4 Picasso is a popular choice amongst both families (for the extra space) and commuters looking for a relaxed drive to and from work. The line-up is greatly helped by the strong range of Peugeot diesel engines used in these cars with both the 1.6 and 2.0 both being popular options.

Citroen’s listed MPG figures for these cars is a little off of what owners are reporting their actual MPG to be, with the 2.0HDi manual listed as returning 67.3 mpg but the real world figures of these cars is reported as being just 42.1 – 46.4 for the 2.0 HDi, and 48-52 for the 1.6HDI by owners.

A Blueoptimize remap for economy gives 15- 20% better MPG and lower emissions, whilst also giving smoother throttle response and better drivability.  The increased economy given by our Blue Optimize remaps could see your 42.1 mpg increased by between 6.3 mpg and 8.4 mpg giving your C4 Picasso a much better return of 48.4 mpg & 50.4 mpg. These figures obviously depend on the cars general condition and how the car is driven.


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Land Rover Defender Diesel Tuning Essex

Land Rover Defender Diesel Tuning Essex

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Land Rover Defender Diesel Tuning Essex

The Land Rover Defender is an iconic British motor, and one that spends as much time on the road as it does off-road traversing some muddy bog in the countryside. Speak to us for all your Land Rover Defender Diesel Tuning Essex

Essex-Remaps can release the true economy, driveability and power your Land Rover Defender- safely and easily, without the need for any add-on boxes.

We have two options available for the Puma 2.4 TDCi. The first is our Blue Optimise remap for economy which offers improved performance with an increase of 28bhp and 52Nm of torque whilst also giving owners a 15% fuel saving. This now takes the 2.4 litre puma model from the standard original 122bhp and 360Nm to around 150bhp and 412Nm.

The second option is the performance remap, which adds 36bhp and 75Nm taking the 2.4 TDCi to around 158bhp and 435Nm of torque.

Land Rover Defender 2.4 TDCi 2007>


Original BHP : 122

Power increase – Economy remap : 28 BHP

Torque increase – Economy remap : 52 Nm

Fuel Saving – Economy remap : 15 %

Power increase – Performance remap : 36 BHP

Torque Increase- Performance remap : 75 Nm

Emissions: tbc CO2

Defender 2.5 TD5 tuning

We can also tune the Defender 2.5 TD5, this vehicle has 135bhp as standard and our Blue Optimize tune for better economy adds 32bhp and 65Nm of torque while the performance tune adds just 35bhp & 70Nm of torque.

Model Fuel Std BHP Gain BHP Gain Nm Fuel Saving Percentage Gain BHP Gain Nm
DEFENDER 2.5 TD5 DIESEL 135 32 65 15 35              70
DEFENDER 2007  2.4 TD4 DIESEL 122 28 52 15 36              75


Unlike a generic “plug in box”, a proper remap will always be the safest option to optimise your vehicle for better economy, drivability, throttle response and performance without compromising the safety of your car. Our Blue Optimize remaps for better economy are specifically written to get the best from your Land Rover Defender 2.4 TDCI in a safe manner and are insurance backed for your peace of mind and protection.

Land Rover Defender remaps for economy or performance start at just £249, and we come to you at work or at home at a time to suit you.

For more info on generic tuning boxes please see here.


As with ALL of our remaps we carry out a diagnostic check before we tune your car to make sure your car is fault free.

Essex-Remaps advise that you follow the correct maintenance regime as advised by your car manufacturer / dealer. A correctly maintained vehicle can make a lot of difference to performance, reliability and of course economy.

For more info on any of our remaps or services please contact us.

Blue Optimize is a trademark of Viezu Technologies; Essex-Remaps are an approved Viezu dealer.

Viezu Technologies are the only vehicle tuning company to be ISO9001:2008 accredited.

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