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Hot Hatch ECU Tuning

Hot Hatch ECU Tuning

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Hot Hatch ECU Tuning

Hot hatchbacks have been around since the ’80s with cars such as Ford’s XR2, XR3i & RS Escorts, Peugeot’s 205,Vauxhall’s Astra & Nova GTE’s and VW’s Polo’s & Golf GTi etc with hobbies being formed and fond memories being made by enthusiastic owners modifying and tweaking their vehicles trying to tempt that last bit of performance to show itself. Hot Hatches have generally been based on the smaller and lighter family oriented models with the addition of having uprated engines, sporty exhausts, lowered and uprated suspension, beefed up brakes, sports styling, nicer alloy wheels and wider tyres to help transfer that added power to the road. Fast forward 30+ years and Hot Hatchbacks are generally better and extremely popular among young drivers because they are fun to drive. Nowadays there’s more manufacturers selling Hot Hatch versions of their range and there’s a huge choice for buyers to consider, with updated models from Seat, Skoda, Honda, Renault, Peugeot, Vauxhall, VW, BMW, Suzuki, and of course not forgetting those iconic Fords. 

One thing that hasn’t changed over time though is that owners are still as enthusiastic as ever to enhance the performance of their ride. One the best solutions to add extra torque & power,  along with better throttle response and driveability of your Hot Hatch is to have your vehicle tuned with a performance remap from Essex-Remaps.

Below is a just sample of modern Hot Hatches that we can tune for Enhanced Performance, with prices from just £199.99 including an independently underwritten insurance backed guarantee for your peace of mind.    

Model                                         Engine Size          Original BHP   Tuned BHP   +Nm Torque    

Ford Fiesta ST -1,2,3               1.6T Eco Boost    180BHP            210BHP            +50Nm             

Vauxhall Corsa Sri                   1.4i                        74 BHP              78 BHP              +6Nm                

Vauxhall Corsa VXR               1.6i                      205 BHP            235 BHP             +50Nm              

Vauxhall Astra Sri BiTurbo  1.6CDTi              158 BHP             193 BHP           +70Nm              

Seat Leon Cupra SC               2.0 TSI               286 BHP            326 BHP             +80Nm             

Seat Ibiza Cupra                     1.8 TSI                189 BHP            224 BHP              +70Nm             

Peugeot 308 GTi                    1.6 e-THP          205 BHP            230 BHP              +45Nm             

Peugeot 308 GTi                   2.0 BlueHDi      180BHP             215  BHP              +70Nm            

Peugeot 208 GTi                   1.6 THP              205 BHP           230 BHP               +45NM             

 Skoda vRS                             2.0 TSI               226 BHP           266 BHP                +80Nm             

Honda Civic Type-R            2.0T i-VTEC    305 BHP             340BHP               +75Nm             

Mégane Renault Sport 275 Cup-S 2.0T      275 BHP             315BHP               +80Nm             

VW Polo GTI                         1.8 TSI              189 BHP            224 BHP                +70Nm             

VW Polo BlueGT                   1.4 TSI BM      148 BHP             173 BHP              +45Nm

VW Golf GT                           1.4 TSI              148 BHP             173 BHP                +45Nm

VW Golf R-Line Edition    2.0 TDI            148 BHP              183 BHP              +75Nm

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